The relationship between health and having a good sense of humor

One of these days, I’m going to research the relationship between health and having a good sense of humor.  But until them, I’m going to assume that having a good sense of humor provides postive benefits to good health.

BTW, if you are aware of good evidence that my assumptions is true, please comment with links.  That’d really help me out.

Also, if you’d like to comment with some additional jokes or ways to make us laugh, that’d be good,too.  I’m especially looking for short, pithy one-liners.  Keep them clean! Like these:

  • I have to exercise early in the morning before my brain figures out what I’m doing.
  • I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.
  • I have flabby thighs, but fortunately my stomach covers them.
  • The advantage of exercising every day is that you die healthier.
  • If you are going to try cross-country skiing, start with a small country.
  • Walking can add minutes to your life. This enables you at 85 years old to spend an additional 5 months in a nursing home at $5000 per month.
  • I joined a health club last year, spent about 400 bucks. Haven’t lost a pound. Apparently you have to go there.

Measuring things




If you are reading this post, it probably means that you are interested in achieving and maintaining your fitness and health.  And if you are interested in doing that, then that means you need to set goals and objectives.  And if you are going to set goals and objectives, that means you are going to have to decide how you are going know whether you’ve achieved them.  And that means you are going to have to measure things.  That is the topic of this blog.

If you’re like me, you’re goals my include stuff like feeling good and being able to not only watch your grandchildren grow up, but to run and play with them along the way. Going from the there, you want to become and stay fit. Let’s talk about how to measure that.

I’m going to write-up a clever, witty post with helpful links concerning all the things we might want to measure.  This is a place-holder until that post gets finished.


Welcome to my 45 plus fitness blog

Hi. My name is Bobby Adams. Welcome to my 45plusfitness blog.


What is

This blog is about staying healthy and staying fit, and is especially targetted for people middle-aged and over, sort of a “baby-boomer fitness” blog. I expect that it will be more relevant to men (because that’s what I am), but I’m going to try include useful information for everyone.

What is the purpose of

I hope to create a community that will be mutually supportive for those of us who want to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle as we get older. We’re not trying to set world records; we’re trying to be better in better shape today than we were yesterday, and get even better tomorrow. I’ll do this by researching and posting topics of interest to those of us that meet the target audience (see the answer to the first question), adding my own experiences to the subject, and inviting community members to do the same. I’ll do my best to keep the posts relevant, helpful, easy-to-use, attractive, and entertaining.

So if your goals include one or more of the following:
• losing weight or maintaining your ideal weight, g
• getting fit by exercising more
• healthy eating
• enjoying an active lifestyle as you get older,
• or even just being able to keep up with your grandkids,
then you are at the right place!

Note: I realize that my first, introductory post may not yet meet the criteria I just set out for myself, but I have to start somewhere. Keep watching!


Stay healthy and enjoy the rest of your life.